Thursday, June 18, 2009

Jamul CA to Menifee CA

Today we traveled a whole 53 miles, which I think is the shortest drive we have had so far. It was such a short drive, Nathan even managed to squeeze in pickle ball this morning before we left. So far, we really like this area. We are amazed at how much hotter in is, given only how far we drove. I am thrilled to say we have internet again! We did not have phone or internet service at the last place and we began to feel a bit lonely due to that. I will be attempting to catch up on my blogging and share all of the neat things we saw while in San Diego.

Living the life in CA!


Lakeside Couple said...

Your comments caught my eye because we are 34 year Jamul residents! Well, we were residents until the 2007 wildfire that burned our home and our property in Deerhorn Valley.
Now we live in Menifee! We have a new home in Heritage Lake.
What brought you to Menifee?


little castle said...

Hi kitchenlady,

We were just traveling up the coast, and Menifee was one of our stops. We loved both Jamul and Menifee. I'm sorry to hear that tragedy is what led you to Menifee and I hope you have enjoyed it since being there. Thanks for stopping by our blog!