Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Crew at Arches

As I said before, we were planning to be in Yellowstone this week.  The weather turned too cold so we had to scramble to make last minute plans.  Nathan is working on a big project and is on a major time crunch.  We don't normally do major time crunches any more.  We had very limited driving time and we don't normally like to travel more than six hour days.  Yet, here we were driving two very long days to drive more miles than we probably have for the past few months!  It was not at all what I wanted to be happening.

Although Nathan says I did way better than he thought I would, I was a little bit grumpy over all of this.  If I had not been so physically beat, I'd have been a lot grumpy.   Then I see and hug these people I so dearly love today, and it suddenly seems worth it.  They had as much, if not more, hassles to get to where we are too.  I hope they felt it was worth it all.

Diana pointed out to me today, that a year ago at this time, we were in Acadia National Park in Maine.  Here we are on the other side of our country seeing this fabulous National Park together.  It is a wonderful thing to be doing these kinds of things together as a family and for our kids to see the world together and building memories together!