Monday, October 5, 2009

Potash Petroglyphs in Moab

After the dinosaur hunting, we headed over to see some petroglyphs.  I thought these were so incredible:

And in typical style, the kids (or maybe it was Diana because she is great at that too) found someone who knew lots about this topic and he graciously shared with us:

He shared so many neat things, and the kids soaked it all up.  This has been one of my favorite aspects of going out into the world the way we have, that we have access to so many passionate people "in the field" who share their wisdom with us.  It is such a gift to me.  I rarely remember to ask people if they would allow me to share their pictures on our blog and/or share their names, so I'm glad I remembered to do it today.

Go and take a peek here to learn more about James Q. Jacobs and some of his art, writings, pictures and knowledge on archaeology and anthropology.  Very cool stuff!  Thank you so much, James.  You made the day even better!

Living the life in Utah!


unschoolermom said...

Just beautiful!