Saturday, October 3, 2009

Idaho to Moab, Utah

Yesterday, we finished our driving in order to get to Moab.  We had planned on a nine hour drive, which is a good three hours longer than we normally ever drive.  It ended up being a thirteen hour drive instead due to traffic.  My back hurt so badly that I slept in the back seat most of the way.  It really did remind us how important it is so go slow and steady when doing this!

It took almost an hour to find our campground once in Moab, because we couldn't see it from the road.  Then we discovered our site (the one and only open one here) was too short.  So we slept in the parking lot of the campground with no hook ups.  Not a huge deal, but also not how we'd prefer to do it. 

We are here though and thrilled to be here.  It appears to be gorgeous here.  I think we'll enjoy our time here very much!

Living the life in Utah!


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