Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mesa Verde National Park~The Balcony House

This was one of the places that Nathan and Daryl visited years ago with their family.  It was so cool to now be there with their children.

In order to get to this particular cliff dwelling, you had to move through some pretty tight spaces:

And climb some pretty tall ladders:

Which our brave kids did with no problems:

Another perspective of the climb:

Once at the top, they learned all kinds of interesting things about these dwellings and the people that lived there. 



jaci said...

Just catching up with you! I was doing nearly the same things just a little north of you all last week. I'll be blogging about those adventures in the next few days but I'll let you in on this; YOUR trip was a whole lot more interesting and educational! LOVE the photos!

little castle said...

Jaci, I have been wondering how your trip went. Can't wait to hear/see more on your blog.