Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hummer Tour in Sedona Arizona

Last year at this time, we went on a whale watching tour together.  So it was very cool to do a Hummer tour together today.  Daryl and Diana have done one of these tours together, but this was our first time.

Based on the kids' expressions, I think it was a huge hit:

Living the life in Arizona!


debs said...

Sedona, Az is so pretty! Glad you guys are having fun! Sorry we missed you this time around. We are staying put in Durango for a while, so let us know when you get this way again!

little castle said...

We are having fun. I hate that we missed meeting you in person. We are moving at a crazy fast pace (for us) so hopefully next time will be a bit more "normal" when in the same area.
Hoping you will be in Durango still and can show us where the free hot springs are! My back could use the hot springs about now. ;p

jaci said...

WOW - the colors!

unschoolermom said...