Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Thank you...thank you very much....

That is now Austin's favorite phrase.  You are welcome, Austin.  Because I think I should be thanked for my insight and wisdom on this one!  That is what Moms are known for, after all!

I insisted that we go and visit Graceland and do the whole Elvis thing while in Memphis.  I mean really, can you even think of visiting and *not* doing this?

Austin did not really want to go.  My "I live for music" kid...didn't want to go and learn about Elvis.  He was not impressed with Elvis in the least and didn't get the whole Elvis adoration thing (no Elvis lover hate mail please-we all have our issues to work through).

He was appalled at the title "King of Rock" given to this man.  I say to him, do it for research's sake and you can decide for sure how off they were to give him that title.

Then we visited Graceland.  The first words out of the boy's mouth were, "He was a handsome man...I bet the ladies liked him some".  Some?????  Oh.My.  We have a lot of work to do here.

  As we moved through his house and he listened to the tour, I noticed that he was really..well, listening to the tour.  He let me know when I needed to put my headphones back on to listen to the tour.

Halfway through, about the time we hit the tiger jumpsuit, I could see he was impressed.  Dare I say, even inspired, by all of this.  I thought to myself, while grinning in that smug way that Moms work here is done.


Then we got back to the RV, and the boy started doing Elvis impressions.  Complete with curled lip.  And he showed us his Elvis dance moves.  Except they looked more like Forest Gump than Elvis at this point.  Oh.My. So I still have a bit more work to do here.  It's a start though....he is at least thanking me...thanking me very much...for introducing him to Elvis.

You are welcome, Austin.  Now please...stop dancing.  Love, your short sighted Mom.


Tonya said...

We also went to Memphis just to see Graceland, only because we were sooooo close, how could we resist? I'm glad your family enjoyed it, ours was not overly impressed. But then, we are not big fans of the King.:) We went before the NPS took over operations. I wonder if it's changed much? Here you have it, we're not sorry that we went like you said, how could we be so close and not visit?

little castle said...

Well, I wouldn't say we are fans of the King so much as we are fans of people who live their dreams. =) I wonder if it has changed much since you saw it too. I am hoping we can do Nashville our next time here.

laurie l. goodman said...

very cool!!!
i love this post..put a smile on my face!
great experience!
you guys keep rocking on!!!

unschoolermom said...

LOL This looks like a lot of fun.


jaci said...

I could skip Graceland. Really. If I had known Don's last name was Presley, i probably would never have gone out on a first date. Never was a fan. But that's just me.

My poor son had to go into the military with the last name. And he can do the "Thank you, thank you very much" pretty well...