Friday, April 16, 2010

Riverbanks Zoo and Gardens~The Zoo

We headed to Columbia today, and our first stop was the Riverbanks Zoo and Gardens.  The guys liked the penguin behind them in this picture.  He looks like he is hitch hiking.
 We have not visited as many zoos as I'd like, because Austin is not a fan of them. He was complaining on the way to this one, telling us that if you've seen one zoo then you've seen them all because it's the same animals over and over again.
While there are many animals that we do see in each zoo, once we were inside the zoo, we were surprised to see that they had quite a few unique animals there.  So he joked that he was so glad he talked us into the zoo, because you always see a wide variety when visiting multiple zoos and they are never the same.  We should listen to him more often, lol!
We only saw about half of the zoo due to getting distracted by Blue Bell Ice Cream and a visit to the Botanical Gardens, but what we did see was awesome.  We loved this zoo!

I overheard something today that had me remembering how hard it is to be a Mom.  I think part of why it is so hard, is because you lose all of your brain cells when you give birth to the child.  I used to think we gave our brain cells to the child, and that's why we lost them...but as Bill Cosby can verify-that is not the case.  So I imagine the brain cells are in that same black hole where socks get lost.

I heard a woman telling a child about four years old one of those things that only a parent would tell a child.  While holding a water bottle two inches from his face she said, "If you'd get it...then you'd have it".  I saw the child look at her like, wait a minute...let me grab a notebook here so I can be sure to fully grasp this.  1.  If I'd get it.  2.  Then I'd have it.

No, he didn't really do that.  But he did curl his lip at her all Elvis like to indicate just how dumb he thought she was. love them.  They drive you into a sleepless stupor and then bask in their superiority.  I wanted to let him know that once upon a time, before he entered her world, she was brilliant!  But I knew he'd never understand until he had children of his own.  So I just giggled instead.

Living the life in South Carolina.


Tonya @ Live the Adventure said...

Too funny! Austin must have been talking to my children because I hear the same thing every time we go to a new zoo! Like Austin, they always have fun though. I guess we could write that up as being a teenager thing. Blessings!:)