Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hiking With New Friends

One of the really neat things about living this way is that we get to meet a lot of online friends that we'd never have a face to face meet up with if we were not traveling.  Today we met a newer friend, and had a chance to get to know them even better.  I met Becky though another online friend, Melanie.  I really enjoy reading her blog and figured I'd enjoy her in person too.  She was even better in person.
 Smart, easy to talk to and really funny too.  Mostly, I noticed how peaceful of a person she seems to be.  I had a very comfortable day with her and her very cool kids.
 We met up at Lake Louisa, along with Aric and Ace, and did some hiking.  Although Aric says it is not hiking.  It is Florida trail walking.  I tend to agree after having done some true hiking in other states.  We still had fun! 
It's been a bit since I've hiked with younger children.  I remembered today what one of the coolest things about younger kids is.  They are so timeless.  Meaning they just don't change all that much over the years.  You can see a huge cultural influence on teens.  Not so much with the younger kids.  Especially when they are free range kids.  This could have just as easily been me and my siblings as kids.  Out just exploring the world without a care in the world.
Her teen son (not sure if I can share his name here or not?) was fascinating.  We spent a lot of time talking.  I learned a lot about war games from him.  And guns. He was awesome.  I can't wait until next winter when I can spend more time with him.

The day was just one of those lovely, warm days that have me loving my life.  Since I do not always feel that way, it's nice when it does happen!


Becky said...

Comfortable! That is exactly the word I used when telling our folks about our visit with you. It was just easy, free, and comfortable.I adored the natural ebb and flow of conversation and how you talked with the kids like they were actually *people*! I'd echo that you are even better in person, too.

I must tell you, though, my sweet supportive husband chuckled at your description of me as "peaceful." It's a character trait that has required lots of conscious decision-making and, honestly, is often consciously decided against. Some days I just like my attitude too much. Thanks for seeing it in me on that day; and thanks for seeing the good stuff in my kids that I sometimes miss, as well.