Thursday, April 1, 2010

Goodbye Visit with the Grandkids

Today we drove down to Boca Raton to say goodbye to the grandkids.  It's been an emotional winter for us in that area, so we were thrilled that the visit was a great one.  Each time we see them, they seem so much older.  Each time we see them, we are tickled pink that they still get so excited to see us.  We're guessing that will change at some point, so we soak it up for now.

They gave us "gifts" to take with us.  They were these little rubber bands that are shaped like animals and such, and you wear them as bracelets.  So cool!
After our way too short of a visit there, we headed over to see Ambir and Auburn.  One, or both of them, maybe be moving in with us so we had lots to talk about.  We took Ace back home with us, which thrilled Aric because he is close to Ace.  Ace is HUGE now!  He's still sweet as could be though, so it's hard to take his size all too seriously.

Living the life in Florida!


jaci said...

That has got to be hard, Krystal! Saying good-bye to the little precious ones...

But youre on the road again - woot! More of America to see! :)