Tuesday, April 6, 2010

One Down....

and one half to go.  I'm talking about storage units, and they have been on my mind for far too long now. We had one giant storage unit.  Cleared out tons of stuff while in Orlando. Moved the remainder of the stuff into his and hers units closer to where we are now.

Mine consisted of keepsakes we are holding onto for our children such as pictures and Christmas ornaments that my MIL has sent us each year, my left over eBay inventory and books.  Thousands of books. Well, about two thousand books to be exact.

His consisted of furniture, household odds and ends and some business equipment.  And stuff...just stuff...because Nathan hates to get rid of anything.  At all.  It's hereditary so he comes by it honestly.  And in this case, it was not his friend.

My unit has been good to go for the most part since a few weeks ago.  His was as full as the day we moved the stuff into it.  I was beginning to think I was going to have to do it all myself.  I joked with the pickleball players this morning that I was going to beg them not to play pickleball until we left because I feared he'd never get it done.  I was irritated because we already pushed our date back a week so he could finish it up.

By five this evening, his unit was 100% cleared out.  Empty.  Success!  Thank you, honey.  I'll sleep better tonight knowing this is now completed.

Mine needs the books to be delivered to their four different new owners' places and then we are outta here!

I know most people would find it odd that we are so thrilled to only own the contents of what is in our RV and half of a storage unit, but for us...it's a wonderful feeling to live so lightly for this season in our life.  We now have very little to take care of.  Besides each other, that is!  We're hoping to do some international travel next so it was a logical move.  It is a very nice emotional feeling too.

I wanted to share one of the places we are sending some books to, just in case someone else out there might want to help too.  You can read about it here: Book Drive for Africa

Living the life in Florida!


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! That is a big step to have completed and I'm happy for you. And a bit envious, since after 10 years of fulltime RVing we seem to be going the other way -- just a little though -- we'll never again want to collect as much 'stuff' as we did before we sold our stick house.

I know how light and free you must feel right now!!

Becky said...


laurie l. goodman said...

good for you guys!
so well written and expressed.
love love love it! :)
enjoy the feeling!
can't wait to hear more about your international travel plans!