Saturday, April 24, 2010

Our Travel Buddies Make it to Chesapeake Bay

Since we went full time, we have felt to lucky to be able to travel with Daryl, Diana, Lauren and Josh.  We have had more time together in the past two years than we have the entire time we've been family before that.  Since they had RV troubles after our last trip, they have not been able to travel RV style since we met them out West.  We have only seen them once in that time period.  It has felt like a really looooooong time to me.  Especially since Diana is my best friend.  They made it to TT's today and we were tickled pink to finally be back together again.

No, the geese don't have anything to do with this story.  But I snapped a picture of them at the campground and wanted to share it.
Living the life in Virginia!