Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Back to Williamsburg Outdoor World

We headed back to the Outdoor World in Williamsburg today.  This is the first and only Outdoor World we have visited so far.  We think it's a very nice park.  There is not much activity in the park, but it makes for a very peaceful experience.
Gary is the manager of this park and he seems very on top of things and very nice.  There was not a pickleball court here, and I guess Diane talked to him about putting one in.  I can't imagine anyone saying no to Diane, so thanks to her there is one here now.  On top of him putting in the court, Gary has also become a fellow player and will come join us if we are playing!
We like it here.  We're hoping this is a sign that we will enjoy Outdoor World parks as much as Thousand Trails.


The Valentine's said...

Still loving your scrappy pages!