Monday, June 28, 2010

Yorktown Victory Center

We finally made it Yorktown Victory Center.  For those that don't know, Yorktown is the site where the British surrendered to the American and French troops, effectively ending the six year Revolutionary War.  The Victory Center is a living museum, and we love living museums so it was a treat to visit here.  We saw the encampment first:

While here, we saw two military weapons being fired.  The first was a cannon and the second was a mortar.  Cannons shoot solid balls and mortars shoot bombs.  The man talking during each told us lots of interesting things like that.
We talked to a man who shared about the medical field during the War.  We learned fun things like how bullets were removed using the finger, what they used to disinfect and anesthetize during surgeries and what things caused mass sickness.  The man who shared there used to be a teacher in schools.  He decided this was a way more fun way to teach/learn.  We get that!
We also hit the inside museum galleries.  We watched a movie and learned more about what exactly happened here and why it was such a critical part of that war.  We laughed at some parts like when they talked about a drunk soldier mooning the British army.
And then we walked past the farm part to see if it was something we'd want to visit next time we come here.  It was!
We had a great time here and hope to visit again when we come back.