Friday, June 25, 2010

Exploring by Land

While we were having fun on the boat, we came across this place that we just so happened to hit the tide right so we could get out and explore by land some.  This had the kids very excited!  The boys hopped out and pulled us as close to shore as possible.  Austin carried Lauren so she didn't have to deal with water creatures.
After walking across some very, very slimy water and dodging jelly fish, we hit the land.  Once we hit land, we were all super excited about this venture.
 The kids rushed ahead to see what exactly was here.  They liked the bird blind.  Josh filled us in on what he thought this place was all about.  Josh knows everything about everything, so we learned a lot!
We all liked the nature we found there.  Can't you just smell the sand and sea salt?
Sometimes we approach learning differently in our households.  Sometimes it looks very similar.  Today was an example of where we approach learning in the same way.  In both our homes, it is a daily thing where learning looks just like what you see here.  Someone finds something interesting and eventually you find the whole gang gathered around discussing it.
Well, except for Josh...who has his own path to explore at the moment!
 I love how we will all roll up into the learning and enjoy it together, each adding something to the experience.  It's one of the things I most enjoy about traveling with Daryl and Diana.  So what kinds of goodies did we find?
Pretty cool, huh?  Diana graciously took a picture of us, and right after that my battery died so I did not get one of them.
This place ended up being so awesome, I'm putting it down as one of my faves.  It's been a long time since I did that, so I guess we were due one!  Thanks, Daryl and Diana for making our day so great.

Living the life in beautiful Virginia!


Becky said...

That looks like my absolute favorite kind of day! :)

jaci said...

Now that's the kind of fun I like... Looks like it was a beautiful day & a lot of interesting creatures & Creation! Fun!!

laurie l. goodman said...

this is a fabulous post krystal!
i feel calmer just by looking at all of those gorgeous beach shots!
it just flowed beautifully with your commentary on learning together or on your own path..
does the heart good!