Friday, June 11, 2010

Things Are Going to Be a Lot Different Around Here

Or maybe they will be, that is.  We are considering a huge thing for us.  Stopping and staying put for a season of our full timing journey.  Well, that or taking a job where travel is involved.  One or the other. 

We've been fortunate enough for two years now to not have to settle into any one J-O-B and we've rather liked it that way.  With the economy being the way it is, we just aren't sure we can keep it up much longer.

So we are tossing around the pros and cons between one that will require us to stay put or still travel.  The one that would stay put means I have to put some roots down.  But it's a super cool chance to learn something we want to know.  We really like the people there.  We love the area.  Did I mention that we'd have to stay put though?  The not quite as cool job and less stable financially job is an option.  It will let us continue on and still see the world in a broader sense. 

Either way, we've went round and round with our lists of columns that I wish made the choice easier.  Because of that, I opted out of going to a Homeschool Convention with Diana this weekend.  The guys and I wanted to spend some time playing together, since we might not have the same chance to do that if we do settle down for a real J-O-B.

Then Nathan realized that he also wouldn't be able to see his Mom whenever he wants to.  The boys always like visiting Memaw.  She brings them food and drinks.  When they are with me, they bring me food and drinks.  So they ditched me for a weekend visit to go and see her.

I'm beginning to suspect that I've leaned too far on the relaxed side of living these past few years.  They actually told me when they left that the dog will need to be walked if she stays with me.  I feel like such a slacker to have to be told that.  Then again, Rich and Dee said they didn't see me for an entire week at Chesapeake TT, so I most likely am a slacker.  I'm really gonna miss that about myself.  Coming from years of being a really tightly wound Type A personality, I kind of like the slacker in me.

Living the lazy life in Williamsburg VA!


Tonya @ Live the Adventure said...

Love the new look on your blog! My family is dealing with something similar. We never could travel freely because of our debt so we've traveled with my husbands job- which has been good because it allowed us to see things we never would of had we chosen not to try to follow our dreams. Now we have the opportunity to settle down but at the same time we also have the opportunity to REALLY travel with my husbands job- one that will pay us to travel to different places. We've really prayed about it and talked it over with the kids. Though they really have gotten accustomed to traveling, the also long for something that they can call home right now. So, we're going to establish a home base. And you know what? Finally after four and a half years I think I'll really be able to relax about it and enjoy being in one place for awhile. Not that we don't have some exciting trips coming up to look forward to...but I think we've made the right decision for our family and I'm sure you'll make the right one for your family too. Blessings to you...whatever road you chose to follow.:)

Show Us The World said...

Wow, you are going through the same thing. We know we will travel again, even if we stop for a bit. So I hope I'll be at peace with it, like you are, if we do choose that option.

Show Us The World said...

Oh, and if the job that pays to travel is available since you did not go that route, can you kick the job our way??? ;p

Nathan said...

You really summed it up...and now you have the Clash song running through my head :)

Should I stay or should I go now?
If I go there will be trouble
And if I stay it will be double
So come on and let me know
Should I stay or should I go?

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

This is a big decision for you guys! Whatever happens you had the travel time with your family something most people never experience.

I had to laugh at the last comment. Good luck guys!!! Whatever ou decide, I hope you keep on blogging about it.

Diana, Eric, and kids said...

I used to be more Type A and now I am more slacker. Good luck with the decision!!

laurie l. goodman said...

wow, well it sounds like you could have the best of all worlds... hmmm
will be interesting to see what comes of your experiences.
love your new blog look!!! :)
i'll write you a novel later. :)
xo laur

The Valentine's said...

Decisions, decisions, settling for a few months would be OK, esp if you knew you'd be heading off again.

Love your comments re: Type A to slacker, LOL! You're just relaxing!


jaci said...

Wow! New look to your blog AND the possibility of setting down roots...

You're a type-A? Sure didn't come across as one when I met you.

I say: go for the two-year commitment to settle down because you can always decide to hit the road again. But you can't always decide to catch the opportunity again. Just my thoughts...

Show Us The World said...

Jaci, well that's nice to hear. I do think this lifestyle has sucked much of the Type-A out of me.

I do see (and have considered) your point. The flip side to that is this is most likely the last two years we have to travel with Austin. If it were us, we'd definitely see it as you said it and it would be a fairly easy decision. Because we factor him in-tough choice!

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