Thursday, June 17, 2010

Jamestown Settlement Museum

Today we went to Jamestown so that Nathan could see the museum part.  The boys and I visited this part before, so it was my second time.  Which meant that I sat out in the truck "finishing up" a phone conversation with Diana while Nathan started his tour.  He was in the last section by the time I made my way in. Oops!

  From their website: The events and environment of 17th-century Virginia are brought to life in Jamestown Settlement's introductory film and exhibition galleries.  
 New 30,000-square-foot gallery exhibits and a new introductory film explore Jamestown's beginnings as a business venture, the impact of European colonization on the Powhatan Indian culture, and the origins of the first known Africans in Virginia. 

 Hundreds of objects from 17th-century Europe and Africa and Virginia archaeological artifacts are integrated into the gallery setting, which features three-dimensional structures and small theaters.
 It is a very nice museum and we enjoyed both our visits here!