Friday, June 18, 2010

Drive By Shootings

One of the kindest things that Nathan does for me is to drive around and let me take pictures.  Most times I like to walk around to take pictures.  When it is as hot as it has been lately, I prefer to drive.  I can't drive and snap shots, so I need his cooperation for this.

Every time we do this, I get home and find all kinds of interesting shots.  Shots that have me going, wonder what I saw here.  Or better yet, wonder what I missed here.

It is kind of hard to get the timing down right when taking pictures this way.  Lots of pictures come out blurry.  The lighting is off.  The composure is terrible. 
The flip side is that we can see a lot, and capture a lot when we do this.
Sometimes I  ask Nathan to stop.  Because I know that a quick shot won't do.
I know that a drive by shooting won't be enough to capture what I want to.
That we need to take a much closer look to fully take in the beauty.  It is my photo tour version of "stop and smell the flowers".
Beautiful, isn't it?  Living the life in Virginia!