Saturday, June 5, 2010

It's Too Hot and Other Stuff

I realized yesterday that part of why we are so antsy is that it's just so hot here.  There is just not a whole lot we want to do because it's so hot.  Just sitting outside reading a book had me drenched in sweat.  Most of our pickleball friends have left but it's been too hot and muggy to even want to play much anyways.

Today I did head down and do a scrapbook crop with Michele and some other ladies.  Michele and Mike are the ones that did the pickleball tournament.  It was lots of fun hanging out with the ladies there.  We did play some pickleball last night after the sun went down.  Rich and Dee are here so we even had some Florida friends to play with.  Beyond that, we didn't want to leave the air conditioned RV much at all.  We've got to figure out something or we'll get cranky real fast!  Off to find local, air conditioned things to do today!

Living the life in muggy Virginia! 


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Too darn hot here too!!! Same feelings of antsiness. (Did i just make up a new word?)

Anonymous said...

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