Monday, November 21, 2011

Going Away Dinner at Paul's Kitchen

Since we have been coming to Peace River, we have enjoyed one of the local restaurants here.  The place isn't fancy.  The food isn't really fancy.  But it is good food at great prices and we love the comfortable feeling of the place.  The restaurant is named Paul's Kitchen but I think of it as Paul's House because the place is in what used to be a small house and it just feels "homey" to me.

  The staff is always great here.  Pleasant and efficient.  It is decorated in a simple style, but it neat and clean.  The most remarkable thing about this place though is the size of the meals.  They give you an insane amount of food for the price.  I love it because that means I never have to worry about lunch the next day!
Last night, many of the pickleball players gathered here to have dinner with Keith and Marie who are heading out today.  They are such a popular couple they ended up with a whole crowd, seventeen in all in fact!  Because the meals are so giant, they normally have to give you two plates each to hold it all.  So it was kind of comical seeing all of us trying to fit our meals on the table with so many of us.  They were so accommodating of our giant group, they even gave us free carrot cake for dessert.  I can't recommend this place highly enough.  It is the kind of place I would love to see our oldest daughter Ashleigh own someday!

I didn't get pictures of our time together, but you can read more about it and see pictures at Donna's blog here:  Florida Picklers.  I can be really lazy with picture taking when Donna or Faye are around because they always take pictures too!  And my kids don't hide their faces behind their hands when they are snapping shots so I manage to get a few great pictures of them too.

After dinner, Karen, Buddy, Nathan and I hit the courts to burn off our giant meals.  We had some great games with each of them being very evenly matched.  We are loving our time here this winter so far!  I look forward to many more great times as we move through the season.

Living the life in Florida!