Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Snowbirds Are Arriving

I've noticed this past week that the park is beginning to really fill in.  I joked with Nathan that is must have turned cold everywhere else this past week.  While I joked about it, it does tend to work that way.  People stay further north until the cold drives them here.  We would normally do the same thing.  In fact, this is probably the earliest we have arrived in Florida and been able to watch as others trickled in. 

The nice part about the park getting fuller, is that there are more pickleball players.  I can't play on the mornings I work, and Nathan can't play weekdays.  We have tried to play some on our days off. 

It has been hot this past week, which means it is hard to play pickleball for very long without being exhausted.  So I'm somewhat glad for the excuse of playing in the late afternoon most days.  Donna works days, so she has been joining us at night too.  Art and Heddy usually join us and they are great fun to play with.  Julie joined us when she was here.  And today one of my favorite people, Karen, joined us.  We have had some great games because of the people that are playing. 
Notice the low flying plane in the one picture.  I'm not sure why he was flying so low, but I already had my phone out taking pictures so I went ahead and snapped the shot.

Austin and I saw a double rainbow while out and about today, and he tried to capture it with my phone.  Can you see it?
Living the life in Sunny and Hot Florida!