Saturday, November 5, 2011

Settling In

We are all settling in and finding our groove still.  We are adjusting to Austin being back with us and he is adjusting to having parents again.  It is always interesting when your offspring spends extended time with someone else because they just tend to change a bit when they do that.  Especially when teenagers and experiencing a place where people live their lives a lot differently than your home does.

I think it is so good for them though so it's worth whatever bumps go along with that process.  I love seeing how it has stretched his view in some areas and how much he is still the same in others.  All part of the growing and learning that happens as part of being a person.

I'm also grateful that we have family that let him spend that time with them.  He will no doubt have fond memories of that time for years to come and he knows the family better due to the time to bond more deeply.  Family is so important to Austin, so it's one of the greatest gifts to him to be able to spend time there with them.  Thank you for allowing that to happen.

As far as what we are doing here, well not much.  We are having very slow and lazy days.  We are playing pickleball some.  Austin is tinkering and playing with his new favorite toy, a motorcycle.  I gotta give him much praise on how patient he was to wait to ride the bike, since he actually bought it last spring and had to wait to ride it until now.  He mostly uses it to ride to the Y, where we bought him a membership so he could work out.

Beyond that we are situating our lot the way we want it to be and figuring out what our lives will look like this winter.  I think Ava rolls with the punches better than the rest of us, as long as she has a window seat view of the action that is!