Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy Hour

One of the things we looked for when picking out our annual site was a spot that would be able to host get togethers.  With our Happy Hour queen, Diane, out west this winter, we figured the rest of us would have to pick up the slack and we wanted to do our part.  I'm glad we did because last night we started out this season with our first Happy Hour.

  Happy Hours are a time for the pickleball players to hang out off the court and participate in the three "F's": Food, Fun and Friends.  We even got Stan and Sally here, even though they are now at Torrey Oaks.  Actually we got them to come twice because we moved the date and they didn't get the notice and showed up with jalepeno poppers which we helped them to devour.  They were so gracious about the mix-up and came back for the second time when everyone else was here too.  (Can somebody teach my husband to zoom out when taking pictures of me!  Thank you!)

We had a nice turnout for this time of the year!  From top to bottom:  Stan and Sally, me and Ava, Austin Lee and Aric, Donna and Rich, Diane and Buddy, Patty and Woody, Carla and Marie, and Keith and John. 

It was nice to have time to sit and chat with all that came and the food was wonderful!  Hopefully we have many more this season!

Living the life in Florida!