Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hardee County Wildlife Refuge

Last night we went to a Happy Hour at Rich and Donna's place.  I forgot to take my cameras so you will have to go to Donna's blog to see how much fun we had.  I hope we have Happy Hours every single week this winter because we have time to chat with each other and the food is fabulous!

Today Austin discovered some very sad news.  He and Lee, the manager here, were the first on the scene of a very bad accident a few days ago.  Austin was understandably very shook up over what they witnessed there.  There were some very serious injuries involved.  He read in the paper today that one of the victims, a thirteen year old boy, passed away.  My heart ached over this news even without being a witness to the accident.  It is the kind of news that kicks every Mom right in the gut.  To be honest, I cried and cried when he told me.  I hate that this happened.  I hate that it happened because someone decided to drink and drive. 

I decided to grab my camera and go visit one of my favorite Peace River places.  The wildlife refuge across the street.  Although there are many neat animals there, my favorites today were the cats that were there.  We had to make nice to get past the ones guarding the boardwalk.
Once they saw we were determined to move forward, they formed a gang.  The black one was rather feisty.
Some were sitting on the guardrail, meaning they were pretty much everywhere.
They cheered me up a bit immediately.  I think it was mostly due to the babies.
 Have you ever seen a cuter thing than a baby kitten face?
Or maybe it was seeing the Momma with her babies.  It reminded me that although death is a tragedy that is gut wrenching when it involves a child, there is also always new life to celebrate.
I hate that any mother would have to know the pain the mother of this boy is living through right now.   I hate that my boy is feeling a portion of that pain due to his involvement.  I love that there is always new life.  And that it is how the circle of life is, sad and happy at the same time sometimes.  It's just one of those weird things in life.

Austin will be attending the viewing and the funeral. I am proud of his compassion and willingness to offer comfort during this horrible time and because I am his Mom, I'm worried about how this is affecting him.  So please send all the love and comfort you can for everyone involved.  Kiss your kids and tell them you love them.  Remember that no matter how hard it is to be a parent, it is a wonderful thing to have our children here with us. They are always our baby kittens, no matter how old they get.  And every single minute we have with them is precious.


P & C said...

Very nice pictures

DDonald said...

Well said my friend. How fortunate Austin is to have you as a mom..........and how fortunate we are to call you and your family our special friends.