Friday, November 18, 2011

Lions, Tigers and Bears

Or maybe it is more panthers, otters and bears.  I love that the Wildlife Refuge is right across the street.  Even though it is quite small, it is great that I can scoot over there and visit for an hour or so and spend time watching animals.  They are all so beautiful in their own way.
There were two bears, but only one would come out to let me take his picture.
I told Nathan that I was going to see if I could get the cats to talk to me here too, after my experience in Hershey's Zoo.  Sure enough, the cat did the same thing here.  I talked and it would talk back.  I thought maybe there was something to me being a cat whisperer but then another lady walked up and the cat did the same thing to her.  Guess that is not my superpower after all.  I still enjoyed chatting with the cat, even if it was not exclusive.
What?  You have problems with your male leaving his dirty socks on the floor too?
The otters were surprisingly lazy today.
I'm not a fan of the above animal, but they are everywhere so I have to include some shots of them.  I am hoping to get over to visit this place more often this year, and hope to revisit the Lipizzaner horses too.  We missed both of them last year since we weren't here.

Living the life in Florida!