Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Series of Unfortunate Events

 When we first began the RVing lifestyle, we listened to "A Series of Unfortunate Events" on audiobooks while we made the three hour drive from our house to where our RV was set up.  The series is about a family of children that has one "unfortunate" thing after another happen to them.  Lately, I am feeling like I could be a star in this quirky book series.

 I normally get sick ranging from rarely to never.  In the past few months, I've managed to have one weird thing after another happen.  None of them that major except maybe having my gall bladder removed.  Still, each one has been painful and frustrating.  I twisted my ankle while in the OBX.  I then had the gall bladder infection leading to surgery.  We had an attack of the lovely little critters known as chiggers that was surprisingly uncomfortable.  I have had allergy symptoms off and on that range from the mild ones to the my head feels like it is in a vice ones.

 When we first arrived here I got pink eye in a more serious way than I ever have before.  Last week I was stung by a yellow jacket and had a funky reaction to it.  Yesterday I guess I decided to close the loop of unfortunate events by repeating the ankle twist.  Again.

Now I am sporting this look:

The good news is that it is only a sprain and nothing is broken.  The bad news is I can't walk on it so that means no holiday prep and no pickleball playing.  Luckily I do not work until Friday, so I can rest in the meantime.

I've decided I've had enough of this series and would like to begin starring in a new series.  I think something along the lines of Life is Good and my body is healthy and whole would be good.  In the meantime Nathan is waiting on me hand and foot and is even doing the housework.  I have had sweet friends here send me the kindest get well wishes.  I am getting to do some digital scrapbooking which I always love.  I think I'll focus on the gratitude I feel for those things instead of whining about the painful foot.  It is Thanksgiving week after all!

Living the still fortunate life in Florida!


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Krystal! Stop that right now -- that's quite enough of that behavior young lady!!!! (Get well soon and seriously, please no more of those unfortunate events). .

I am very behind on many of my fav blogs -- hard to keep up while on the road -- I'll catch up when we get to beautiful FL. Keep your chin up!

Rich and Donna said...

That really looks quite painful, but it was nice seeing your smiling face riding in the cart the other day. Don't return to work too soon.......Get that thing healed for the pickleball court. We missed you at dinner Thursday.