Friday, March 9, 2012

Animals at Lions, Tigers & Bears

Like their name implies, there are in fact lions, tigers and bears...well, actually *a* bear at this neat place.  There are many other animals there too.  Some of the first ones you see are the emus.
You can get very up close and personal with them, but they do not recommend doing so because they bite.  While I was trying to get better pictures of the emus, the donkeys decided I was there to see them and wandered over.
Without meaning to, I did get up close and personal with them.  Hello, there!
Same thing happened with the deer.  They must be paparazzi friendly creatures.  "This is my better side!"
I did not get up close and personal with this hybrid wolf/dog breed.
Or this hybrid cat.  Although it does look nice and cuddly, they assured us that is not usually the case.
And who could resist this sweet face?  Apparently not it's former owner that spoiled it rotten until it got to be too much to handle.
I could resist these not so exotic creatures because I still have flash backs to being sent out to collect the eggs and having to fight with the feisty animals to get them.
I know, you want to see the lions, tigers and bear.  They will have to wait for another day though because I still have to edit their pictures!  In the meantime, can't you just picture a place where chickens and tigers share space together?  Ok, I couldn't either before this visit!

Living the life in warm Florida!


jaci said...

Just for the record, I can name a couple people who could resist the baboon... one of them is me. ;)

I wonder what the story is behind the wolf-hybrid. People get those dogs and then are surprised they act like wild animals, not domestic dogs.

But really cool photos, Krystal!

Show Us The World said...

That is exactly what happened with the hybrid wolf/dog...the owners surrendered the animal when it began to act like a wild animal. You have to wonder what on earth they thought a wild animal might act like?