Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sunday Drive #2

Even though this is almost a week old by now, I still wanted to share another one of our Sunday drives.  This one we kept pretty local, circling in a radius of about 20 miles and seeing exactly what is here.  We headed down to Arcadia where we saw our old campground, which is also named Peace River.
 We have a lot of good memories of our time there.  We had no idea when we first started hanging out there that it was a part of our journey to become full timers.  Now I feel even more warm and fuzzy towards the place knowing it was a key part of getting us from there to here.
We saw a local country club near Ona.  Really snooty looking place, isn't it?
We saw many other cool buildings, and another snooty looking pub named Charlotte's Web.
 We saw lots of animals. A cactus.  A lumberyard. 
 And my personal favorite from this week, an old barn.
Living the life in Sunny Florida!


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Love the Sunday drives -- it's only about that far to Arcadia for us, maybe not even that far, coming the other way I guess. You get some great pics with your new "specially designed" drive-by photo vehicle!!