Tuesday, March 20, 2012

St Patrick's Day Weekend Fun

My schedule has changed so I now have one weekend day off each week.  That has been a wonderful thing and it worked out very well this past weekend where we had lots of things scheduled.  Saturday night Rich and Donna invited us over for dinner.  Tom and Karen joined us.  Karen brought the shamrock above.
 I thought I had pictures of the food, but somehow I don't.  We had chicken kabobs, potato salad, another salad that was a slaw salad, potato skins and dessert and Margaritas.  Everything was delicious!!  Along with the great food, we had fun getting to know each other better.  I loved hearing more stories about how each of us met and became engaged.  We had a great time!

Sunday Nathan and I slept in and then took one of those Sunday drives and this is one of the things we saw:
 It's hard to see exactly what it is from my pictures but it was a truck with a seat like they have on the airboat rides on the back.  Too funny!

After our Sunday drive, we stopped and picked up pizza and headed to Rene and Mira's rig where Bob and Vicki joined us.  They added Ceaser salad, drinks and strawberry shortcake to make it another great dinner.

We went to see some of their Alaska trip pictures.  We always love spending time with both of the couples and to get them together is a double treat.  Their pictures were incredible and the scenery they captured was amazing.

We left in the middle of this to go and see Mike Thomas perform here at the park.  I have been to one of his shows before and really enjoyed it.  This was Nathan's first time seeing him perform.  He enjoyed it too.
 We then went back to see the rest of the pictures and chat for some time afterwards.  Weekends like this are perfection for me!  Loved all that we did and hope to have more time with our pickleball friends before they all head out.