Monday, March 19, 2012

Sunday Drive

A few years ago when we were in California, I wrote about how we took a Sunday drive and that I would like to start doing that more often.  For various reasons, that just did not happen though.  Fuel cost and usage for a huge truck like ours makes tooling around just to see the scenery not a very practical idea.  When you are traveling as a way of life, tooling around and seeing the scenery happens often enough that you don't really need Sunday as a reason to do it.  To be honest, when we traveled all the time we never knew what day it was so we wouldn't have been able to consistently pin down when Sunday was!  So although we did not end up making it a part of our lives as a regular thing, I was ok with that.
For the past year, we have not traveled as much as we have desired so we have tried to figure out new ways to satisfy the travel itch we suffer from.  So for the past few weeks, we have taken Sunday drives.  And I'm loving every minute of these trips.  I have enjoyed seeing the area surrounding where we are temporarily planted at.  I have enjoyed the gorgeous weather we have been experiencing.  I have enjoyed baby calves and horses.
And I have enjoyed snapping shots out the window that are what I call my drive by shootings where the car is moving too fast to get a great shot, but I still love seeing what I captured when I get home.
There are some really neat things to see even in the middle of Nowhere, Florida.  I think we will stick with Sunday drives until we start hauling our house around the country again.
Living the life in sunny Florida!