Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Lions, Tigers & Bears Animal Sanctuary Tour

We have been so fortunate to visit many animal refuges since we began our full time journey.  What we did not know until recently is how many are located right near where we are this winter.  Today we visited one that was another short drive from the campground.  Like the Great Ape sanctuary, this one was very hidden and is not open to the public.  You can only come with a group for a scheduled tour.
We had a group of ten or so people that headed out first thing this morning and visited this neat place.
 The refuge is named Lions, Tigers & Bears and we saw all three of those animals in this beautiful country setting.
 There were many other interesting animals living here also.
We did a tour with one of the dedicated owners and she shared many neat facts about the animals as a breed and their individual stories.  One of the things I love about these tours is seeing the animals interact with the people who dedicate their lives to the cause of saving animals.
It is clear they know them well and it is also clear they know where their food source is.
I think we all enjoyed this tour, and some of us were really entertained by the animals.
Or maybe it was some of us were really entertaining to the animals.
Or maybe it was both!  Either way, we enjoyed our time here and stopped and had lunch at the Pioneer Restaurant on the way home.  I will try to share more pictures of the animals over the next few days.
Living the life in animal loving Florida!