Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cypress Swamp Trail

I love this trail at Highland Hammocks Park.  It is a really unique trail, winding through a swamp with Cypress trees.  My favorite part is the catwalk/boardwalk type of path that you walk along.
It starts out as a wide path, big enough for two to walk along.  Then at some point it becomes more narrow and only has handrails on the one side.  It spans some creepy dark water where I hyperventilate if I think about it too much.

If I have not shared this yet, I can sometimes have a pretty serious water phobia.  Or to be more accurate, I can be phobic about bodies of water that do not allow you to see what creatures are inside of them.  I cross this section pretty quickly if at all possible.

This trip I reminded Nathan that I like to move quickly here and he stopped and blocked the walkway to ask me if I want to go around him.  I think I shrieked something like OMG...keep walking!  I am not going around you where I could fall right into the water and who knows what can get me...are you trying to kill me or something!?!  I think he smirked inside but he was smart enough to keep walking so we could get past this part.
There are benches where people leave their mark.
 There are areas that have me thinking surely the faeries live here! 
 Most of the areas get you so up close to your surroundings, it allows you to fully experience what exactly is in this section of the park.  All of the areas are beautiful.  It is just a really cool way to experience nature.
Even with the creepy part, I really do enjoy this trail for a nature walk!


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I LOVE places like this! Even the swampy parts don't scare me (as long as I'm on the Boardwalk!)