Monday, March 12, 2012

Sarasota Expo Pickleball Tournament

 Due to my work schedule and being sick schedule, I have not been able to play in any pickleball tournaments yet this winter.  Karen asked if I'd partner with her for one that happened to be on my day off and I was thrilled to do so.  I had not been out on the courts for weeks so I went out a few days before to get some practice in.

Tuesday, March 6th, we headed out with Art, Hedy and Donna to Port Charlotte for an expo that ELS hosted.  There were four communities playing in the expo, Peace River, Harbor Lakes,  Terra Ceia and Bay Indies.

Sadly, Karen and I did not end up getting to play as partners because the women played Round Robin games.  We really enjoyed the group of women that we did play with and we had a fun day.  I forgot my camera, so the pictures here are ones that Donna took that day.
  Our community did very well in the tournament with Rene and John taking first place in the men's games.
 We really cleaned up in the ladies games, with Karla taking first, me taking second, Donna taking third and Karen taking sixth.
 The park did a great job with the entire event, even providing us with a wonderful lunch.
This is one tournament that I'd show up for next year if they repeat it again!