Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Accomac, Virginia

First, a word to the wise-if you decide to spend your life living this.close.together-while in the adjustment period, do not also pick a very, very, very remote area if you are not used to it. You may be rethinking not only the whole let's live in a RV so we can travel the world, but rethinking the very idea of remaining a family or letting other people continue living. Luckily, even if you do make this mistake, this too will most likely pass.

Today we headed up to Accomac. Last week we literally stumbled into a chiropractor's office there. We walked in and the Dr asked if we had an appointment. We thought we did. We didn't. Long story short, we were at the wrong office. We liked the Dr so much we stayed and were so glad we did. This week I had a follow up visit and this guy is so great, he even bartered with us so we both got to see him for free. I couldn't believe how much time he spent for our visit. Very top notch! So if you are in the area, I can't recommend Dr. Sharkey enough, not only as a chiropractor, but as a really nice guy.

Beyond that, we took the day to wrap up more business so we can be completely freed up once we get the kids back. I'm missing them something awful and at this point am counting down the days until we see them again.