Friday, August 1, 2008

Double Trouble

With children, you always seem to have pets of some kind in the house. I've rarely become attached to their pets. Pets come and pets go and I had children to care for which left little time to bond with animals. Over the past year though, Auburn had a cat that I fell in love with. She named him something or other, but to me he was a big baby, so I called him Baby. Unfortunately, Baby must have decided living in a RV was not up to snuff for him, so he took off on his own to pursue his own journey. I think I have been more heartbroken than anyone over his decision.

One of the things we discussed doing before we ever went full time, was that each child may be able to get a pet of their own. Auburn wants a dog and we don't know about having more than one dog to start off with, so Austin decided he would get a cat. Ever since he got the ok from us, he has been relentlessly searching for the perfect cat. He found one in Lynchburg, so today we went to go and hopefully get him. Sure enough, his cat was still at Petsmart as was his sibling. Austin grabbed his cat, which was named Shine, and while we were filling out the paperwork a family came in and grabbed his sibling named Sun. Welcome to our family Shine!
So while we are sitting there, I see this sweet little cat that looks just like Baby. I point it out to Nathan saying how much it looks like him and then bend over to talk to it. On the card I see something that made my heart skip a beat. The kitten's name was Mimi. I knew this was my cat, even though I'd had no desire to even own a cat of my own at all. So we adopted not one, but TWO sweet kittens. Notice the pink bow on Mimi. After all, I did want just *one* more little girl. I didn't know she'd be quite so hairy, but I knew she'd be sweet and dainty and delicate and beautiful and in those ways she does not disappoint one bit. Welcome Mimi!

Now, I'd always hoped I did not become one of those annoying to other people kinds of people that talk about their animals. Talk about their animals as if they are children. Too late. I will spare all of you here for the most part, but poor Nathan has already endured hours of this talk and has even joined in some himself.To show my gratitude, I also must mention that as a birthday gift (the big 40) Nathan also bought me a new laptop with lots of bells and whistles. I'm the type that never wants to trade up with laptops because I become quite attached to one and hate the process of moving everything over, but my old Sony Vaio was literally making a wheezing and/or moaning sound so it was time. Normally, this would be a top highlight of the year. And it *is* awesome. It is a HP Pavillion Entertainment PC with cool graphics on the case. I don't know what else beyond I like it.

I don't know what else, because apparently I *am* one of those annoying people and this is so much more fun to look at and talk about.Yes, I actually took a picture of the kittens' beds. Because I thought it was SO cool that Mimi has a pink, furry bed. And Mimi's bed is SO cute and girlie next to Shine's bed. Oh, they both hate their beds for the record. But still, her bed is just TOO cute. For all of you who do not have pets that you feel this way about, I can see that you are rolling your eyes. It's ok, I am rolling my eyes at myself too.


Barb said...

Oh Krystal, you made me LOL! You're right that Mimi obviously was put there for you to find. :) I don't have pets anymore but you've heard me talk about my grand-dogs and grand-cats so I am very happy to listen to your enjoyment of your new family members. I look forward to watching them grow up!

Krystal's Mom said...

It made me tear up as I read about this 40 year old mom, grandma talk so lovinly about her (oh yeah, her children's) cats. It reminded me of a mind's eye picture of a little girl crouched down in the yard by the flower bed, so she could give her kitty some lovin. I'm so glad that this mom found time to enjoy her kitties again. Yes, Krystal, it's your mom going you on yur trip across the USA. Love ya, Mom