Sunday, August 3, 2008

From Gladys VA to Quinby VA (Virginia Landing)

Today we headed over to the east coast of Virginia. It's just the two of us (and the two kittens) and our anniversary will be during our time here which will make it very special. The drive over here was a bit longer than I like to travel in one day. But it was so scenic and went very smoothly so it wasn't too bad overall.

This is what I picture when I think of Virginia. Or at least the area we lived in (the Valley). Rolling farmland, lush and green, with mountains in the background.

As we got closer to the coast the scenery changed a bit. We had to take three tunnels and miles of bridges to get where we were going. It was a bit nerve wracking to me, with pulling the RV.

I was trying to read out loud from a book we are reading together, Travels With Charley by Steinbeck, and it was almost comical how often I'd stop due to the landscape catching my eye. When we got to this spot, I had to stop and catch my breath because I literally gasped out loud.
For the first time ever that I can recall, I was seriously jealous of my best friend (my spa buddy) because for years she has been able to travel and I was suddenly aware of all of the things she has been able to see that I have not yet. I'm glad we are doing this now or I'd stay jealous of her. I loved this spot. It was so calm and serene that I wished we could stop right then and stroll along the beach for a bit.
We are at the Thousand Trails in Quinby, VA. So far we haven't been able to do much beyond unhook, set up and eat some dinner. We went to a fabulous seafood restaurant! I haven't had seafood that delish in years. I'm thrilled to have a dial up speed connection here! Woohoo! We are exhausted so more blogging will have to happen tomorrow.


Eileen said...

OH! I just love that you read to Nathan! Dennis and I do that all the time.

{{{{hugs}}} and happy trails!

littlecastle said...

Thanks E! Isn't it neat to share books together like that?