Thursday, August 14, 2008

Projects Day

Almost every time that Liv and Gabe would visit our house, we'd ask what they wanted to do and 99% of the time one of the requests would be "projects". It didn't really matter what kind, although glitter was the ultimate favorite so any craft with glitter reigned supreme. I will have those memories locked away forever because it wasn't just that we did crafts together, but that it became our talk time. There is something about a little one busy with creative work that unlocks their jaws and they fill you in on their most important thoughts and secrets. We have had tons of fun and I think I've gotten to know each of them better with this shared time.

I was feeling a bit sad that I'd miss Gabe and Liv's first day of school, so with our projects time in mind, I decided to make them a back to school bucket. All of the pieces are printed from digital scrapbooking kits.

Then I filled the inside with back to school goodies. This is the kind of project that I normally do with them and it wasn't nearly as much fun doing it by myself. I hope they love it!

Then I made matching composition notebooks. Again, made from digital scrapbooking kits.

Now normally when I do these kinds of projects Nathan humors me and says oh , that's nice. Which is code word for I know I'm supposed to say something here and usually a compliment works well with you so I'll try that. This time he said, "I want one of those". I made him repeat it three or four times just to be sure. Yes, he really did want one. No, not the bucket-the notebook. So I went to work and made him this:
And since I was on a roll and had all of my supplies out, I made one for my best friend and my sweet nephew.Since this, as all projects, took far more time than I had planned-this is pretty much all I did today. It was fun! We did a RAK today, but this one is private so I'll just post it without details.


Anonymous said...

I just love your blog, Krystal. the back to school bucket is adorable! And the journal ... I WANT ONE! Now - that would be a fun thing to do at the next retreat, don't you think? I'm glad you are having so much fun! I go to work tomorrow - NOT FUN!

littlecastle said...

What a great idea Patti! I love it. The bucket was tons of fun too. Hoping your back to school day went well. =)