Sunday, August 17, 2008

Williamsburg VA and Happy Birthday to Diana

Today we drove over to Williamsburg. It was my spa buddy friend's birthday today too. I *did* offer to do a spa day for her also, but she wants to wait until she turns 40. And since she has another decade or so, it'll be a bit before we get another spa day I guess. ;->

How many people does it take to figure out a map? (and a sneaky way to show off my nephew Josh and the birthday girl Diana)

We somehow got the girls to dress in costume, which made my day. I think they looked adorable, although I'm sure adorable is the last thing they want to look at this age. The dog is our new puppy, Ace.Somebody else would not wear a costume. Or at least a colonial costume. LOL But enough about us. This is what we really came here for:
As much as I loved the buildings in Williamsburg, this is what made it great to me-the people.

George Washington, who gave a very inspiring speech to the troops:
And because nothing can upstage nature:
We will most likely return at least one more day to see more of the shops and the craftsmen in them.