Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Onancock, VA

This morning we had to arrive at the vet's clinic bright and early. Shine was just fine with riding in the truck, while Mimi cried and hid. She finally jumped into a laundry hamper and rode the rest of the way there. When we got to the clinic, he looked around and she squeezed behind Nathan and hid. Then when they encountered a dog, he was scared to death and she looked mildly amused. They are so interesting to me, with their very different personalities. They are truly like children in so many ways.

After leaving them (and I almost cried at that point) we headed out to do laundry and then see a chiropractor. We decided we would do lunch, which we did at a good Mexican place, and head up towards Onley which is where the chiro is located. As a funny side note, it is always interesting to me when Nathan stops and asks for directions because he had a harder time discerning different "accents" than I do. He goes into a gas station and asks where the nearest laundromat is. He comes back and says Nancock. I try to punch that into the GPS. Nope. Not gonna happen. He says well maybe it was Anancock. Huh? Ok, I try that. Nope. Ok, let's just drive up that way and see what we find. Well, he was close-it was Onancock. I still giggled.

Some more pictures of the Thousand Trails resort we are staying at.

If I thought it was really quiet before, it is really quiet now. I'm not sure if this is one of those things you do adjust to in time, but I'm not really liking it today.