Saturday, August 9, 2008

Chincoteaque Island

Today we drove over to Chincoteauge Island. It is known for its migratory birds and its wild horses. The town was so charming, from lovely beach houses to gorgeous Victorian style bed and breakfast establishments. It was nice just driving around taking in the sights.

Water, water everywhere! We stopped at the National Park there and the landscape was once again, breathtaking.

The beautiful wild horses.My niece, Lauren, and Auburn would have loved this!

We stopped at a wonderful restaurant right on the water and ate a buffet full of every kind of seafood imaginable. The shrimp was incredible. We have an anniversary on Monday, so this was our anniversary dinner.

The kittens came home yesterday and while they seem lethargic, they seem well. Today they were beginning to play together some so hopefully they are healing nicely.


Anonymous said...

Reading your blog is dangerous for me. Roland is over my shoulder - "Oh, we have to do this!" Maybe next year. One more year of teaching. Your photographs are beautiful, K. Rol likes to take pictures, too - and he commented on how lovely yours are. What a gift. I have no idea how to take a good picture. I love the wild horses!

littlecastle said...

I think you'd love it if you do decide to do it! Tell Rol thanks for the sweet compliments. I thought the same about your pictures yesterday.