Sunday, August 24, 2008

Virginia Air and Space Center

First thing this morning Austin informed me that we haven't been "out" this whole week. Unless Wal-Mart counts, which normally with him, it does. Well, no ...we haven't been "out" this week because he had drama camp. So we went "out" today.
We went to the Virginia Air and Space Center, which was an awesome museum.
Here Nathan and Austin made paper planes and flew them. Austin thought this was one of the neatest things there, because he loves paper planes. The first time they flew them, their planes landed right on top of each other. Then Nathan flew one through the opening in the wall, and Austin followed by getting two through the hoops.
We went into a flight simulator and a shuttle simulator. This was one of our favorite things there, a full size commercial plane, where Nathan was the pilot.

At one point we lost track of Austin. As I took this picture, I noticed he was down below-at the Jelly Belly candy display. Yes, not only were there awesome planes here, but also free candy.

We couldn't believe how many planes they fit inside this building. They had a wide variety also.

We would definitely visit this place again! On the way home, we stopped at Wawa's and Nathan and Austin were able to try their food for the first time. They gave it two thumbs up.