Tuesday, August 5, 2008

So Quiet

Birds, birds and more birds abound at this resort.

I kept thinking today, it's just so quiet. And not just that where we are staying is so quiet, although that it true. It's the lack of child chatter that is strangely missing. Even with the two kittens, who are settling in and getting more at home-it's just soooooooo quiet. It's not really better or worse, just so different. I think I've wrapped up all of the organizing, for this week at least. I like it so much better already. Nathan is settling in with working from the RV. He has already decided a booster is necessary and has one on the way. Some pictures from our walk tonight.
The pool, overlooking the water. How awesome is that?
And one of the docks. Again, just so peaceful and so beautiful.
We found a vet to do the operations for the kittens, so we are taking them tomorrow. I have mixed emotions on that. I'm sure they'll be fine and I still feel a bit apprehensive about it.