Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Bike Accident

Normally when you hear bike accident, you think of a person riding on a bike and having an accident occur while doing so. In our case, bike accident refers to a bike having an accident by itself.
Austin's bike fell off the bike rack, bounced a time or two before someone stopped to grab it and move it to the side of the road. Given the fact that bike riding is one of the few things we all equally enjoy, this was a very sad thing. We will have to replace his bike when we get to Texas.
Lesson learned-triple secure the bikes while on the rack.


unschoolermom said...

I'm sorry about the bike. I hope he gets another one soon!


laurie l. goodman said...

I hear you on that! Our first time driving, Matt's bike turned all the way around and our 'properly installed' rack started to pull away from the trailer...freaky! Now, when we travel, we have to load all 5 bikes in our trailer as we never got the rack fixed and even if we did, we would be paranoid i'm sure.
Listen, you are going to Texas??? Our itinerary has changed and we are too! We will be there March 22 to April 24. Where will you be and how long will you stay? We are staying in Austin.
Stay safe and get a rocking bike-soon!

laurie l. goodman said...

I just got your message re: being closer in texas...that's great...i will warn you i am an anxiety driven person regarding major highway driving-so i hope it's not an issue :) That would be fun! Perhaps you can email me directly- so we can be in touch and make arrangements some time. I found an organic farm 15 minutes from where we are staying that has a market on wednesdays and saturdays-could be one possible meeting place-i'm sure we'll find others...Anyways...write when u can! :)