Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Love Letter #71

This weeks Friday Love Letter to my Children was written by my MIL. Thank you so much for doing this Mom, I'm sure they will be as touched as I was.

A letter to five of my wonderful grandchildren

Dear Ashleigh, Ambir, Aric ,Auburn and Austin,

You all have a very special place in my heart. I am proud to be your Grandma. I pray for each of you often and ask the Lord to bless you and that each of you will make good choices as you journey through this life. I also pray each of you will put Jesus first in your life. I have lots of fond memories of each of you and I cherish the times you all came to stay with me.

Ashleigh, I remember the first time I saw you. You were so cute and had a beautiful smile and gorgeous blond hair. You grew up so fast and now you are a beautiful young lady. I remember teaching you how to make mashed potatoes and your family said you could make mashed potatoes as good as mine. Remember the Lord loves you and I will always love you. I miss seeing you and hearing from you.

Ambir, I remember when you were a little girl you came and spent a couple months with Pappy, Chris and me. It was so special to have a little girl in the house. I taught you how to make apple sauce and we did a lot of other things together. I miss seeing you but have enjoyed talking to you the last couple months. You are a sweet and beautiful young lady.

Aric , when you were a little boy you also came and spent some time with Pappy, Chris and me. I think it was when Auburn was born. You were not very old but you liked it at our house. Your parents still lived in Michigan and you were a long ways from home, but you did not get home sick. I will always cherish the winters you spent with me after Pappy passed away. You were a great blessing to me and an answer to my prayers. I remember you got tired of shoveling snow those winters. But I have lots of good memories of those winters together. You also learned to drive in and out the lane using my car with stick shift. You would drive out to get the mail. You are now a smart, young handsome man.

Auburn, when your family lived in New Market, you, Aric and Austin would often come and spend the weekends with Pappy, Chris and me. Auburn you are a very beautiful young lady with many talents and gifts. I will always remember the summer you spent at my house and got your first dog and all the tricks you taught him. You had lots of patience working with Ace and teaching him to be a good obedient dog. I remember teaching you how to make sausage gravy.

Austin, I remember your first cry because I was in the room when you were born. That was an awesome experience. You were a very cute baby boy. I will always remember all the long talks we have had together over the years and hope to have many more. I also remember the many times you came to spend time with me. I remember the times you spent with Pappy learning to drive and shoot a gun. Pappy enjoyed having you around to do things with him. You are like him collecting treasures and it didn’t matter what it was --it was a treasure to keep. It might come in handy someday. Austin you, are very special, young, handsome man.

I love each of you a whole big---------------------bunch.

Grandma Thelma S