Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Robertsdale AL to Abita Springs LA

We said goodbye to Alabama and headed to Louisiana today, landing in Abita Springs. We are very excited to be able to visit New Orleans! We also ate our first taste of a Louisiana food item which was King Cake. We are not huge cake eaters and weren't sure exactly what this was, but I can safely say we all love it and will be adding this to the list of sweet things we adore. Yummy!


dandeliongirl said...

hey!! how long will you be down on the bayou?
I'm heading home tomorrow for a visit! You can stop at my dad's restaurant in Baton Rouge, The Crawfish Place, and get some AWESOME boiled crawfish, and the best seafood gumbo!! I'll meet you there!
I love meeting real life gypsy folk! lol
and i'm sure my sweet daddy would hook us up, on the house!

dandeliongirl said...

OH, also... I assume you are going to visit the Abita Springs Brewery while you are there? Good Times!

little castle said...

We are here through Monday the 16th. How long will you be here? I'll try and work something out to meet up with you. You can email me privately to work out the details at


PS We are hoping to go visit the Brewery today.

unschoolermom said...

I have never tasted actual King Cake. I've read online that it's kind of like angel food. Is that right?


little castle said...

Kandy, the kind we bought wasn't at all like angel food-it was more like a danish, coffee cake type of pastry. Maybe there are different kinds though?