Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bikes and Lakes and other Fun

I had plans to explore the area some today and weave some learning opportunities in, but there are still teens on the grounds so the teens here wanted to hang with them instead of me. So I did more laundry, more grocery shopping and more fun things like that. The sun is still shining here so I'm soaking it up while it is available. There were ducks in the little pond right behind us, so I got to watch them while hanging clothes up.
We also found a new bike for Austin and I'm not sure who is more thrilled, us or him. He's had to suffer without a bike and we've had to suffer listening to him express his displeasure about the whole deal. We drove to Cypress to get the new bike so we were able to explore in that area some and it was neat to see what things were there. The gentleman that sold us the bike was so nice and friendly. He fixes bikes up as a sort of hobby I guess so he was quite helpful in telling us all about the features of the bike. It is a much nicer bike than he had before, so he's joking that he is going to put his computer on the bike rack hoping it'll take a spill too.

Tonight we did some bike riding, some football playing, some tennis playing and some just enjoying the park here. We are really enjoying it here so far and can see why this is one of the more popular parks.
The lake here is just beautiful and much bigger than I expected it to be. We sat for a bit and watched while the sun was setting and it was just beautiful.
It's a good life to be sure.


laurie l. goodman said...

Your son sounds smart and funny!
I wonder if there are any differences to being on the road with younger kids vs. teenagers...hmmm

unschoolermom said...

You always have such fun things!


Amanda said...

Hello from a fellow Thousand Trails traveler. :)

Happy travels-