Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Getting settled in Texas

We spent today trying to get settled in, as much as one can get settled in when moving as often as we do. Since we had a long driving day yesterday, we weren't up for a whole lot today so we mostly hung out at the park. The fact the sun was shining was enough to lift our spirits and everything beyond that was just extra as far as we were concerned. I caught up on some laundry, which I couldn't do while it was raining since we hang everything to dry, and then did some grocery shopping.

Grocery shopping has been one of the most interesting things to me about this lifestyle because I never know the best places to shop until we are actually there and I can look around and do some comparison shopping. It's hard to stay within a budget when you can't predict prices ahead of time, but so far we've done pretty well in this area and I am happy to say we did today also. Austin visited a guitar store that was right by the grocery store which means both kids were happy after our running around.

This week is spring break here so another bonus was there are lots and lots of kids in this park right now. And not just younger children, but teens. Friendships are already forming and plans are already being made so I think I'll have a pretty quiet week.

This is what Shine and Mimi spent today doing, looking and longing: We all agree that people here are very friendly, the food looks as if it'll be incredible again, and there is just something about a cowboy. Ok, so the last part is just Auburn and I, but we all agree on the first two.

Living the life in Texas!


laurie l. goodman said...

Funny, I just finished telling my boyz that we would have to have a photo opp with a cowboy hat while in Texas! My youngest son has many nicknames by me, and one of them is Tex, Little Tex, Texan- dunno why- except he had a strut in his step when he was younger...he's a redhead, so it will be interesting to see what that looks like popping out beneath the rim of a cowboy hat :) gotta find him some boots for walkin' too :) Glad u are having a good time so far-albeit laundry and grocery days! Groceries in the states have been very expensive to us...not excited about any of the stores but mother's near newport beach in cali... we thought produce would be cheaper, but it's not-it's crazy!

unschoolermom said...

I love the cat pictures! You orange one looks kind of like Garfield, one of ours. Ours like to watch out the door, too. :^)


little castle said...

I've noticed the red hair! We have a lot of red heads in my family so I always notice it. I can't wait to see the pics you do take of them in hats/boots. I agree on the produce comment. We were spoiled by low prices at the Farmer's Market where we lived in FL and hate paying the high prices now.

little castle said...

Kandy, I have often thought our cat looks like a Garfield too.