Monday, September 15, 2008

Ben & Jerry's Factory Tour

When we first discussed coming to Vermont, I'll be honest, I wasn't overly keen on it. Not that I didn't want to see the state, but to drive so far out of our way for two days worth of sight seeing did not seem logical to me. Then my sister told me to go and tour Ben & Jerry's if we did go, and it was no longer an issue for me. As much as I like chocolate, Ben & Jerry's is the ultimate treat to me. This afternoon we went up to the factory to tour it.

Actually, we first drove to a field where a barn sat that our GPS *thought* was Ben & Jerry's factory. I am suspecting one of two things-my BIL got ahold of our GPS or Lola is mad at us. Either way, she led us astray twice yesterday and Nathan is still holding a grudge and letting her know he now has trust issues with her. I digress....BEN & JERRY'S! We got there. That's all that matters to me.

I will have to add pictures after borrowing some from Diana, because in the rapture known as Ben & Jerry's ice cream making up close and personal with free samples, I forgot my camera. And I didn't even care. Free samples. At Ben & Jerry's. Enough said.

When they said at some point that the workers receive three pints of ice cream a DAY, my kids looked at us like, "We're home". Aubs thought that was in place of a wage and thought it was an awesome deal. I suspect we may have to come here again sometime.