Thursday, September 4, 2008

Our Home

People seem to be most fascinated by how we live in such a small space. I think globally that this topic would not be as fascinating, given much of the world does live in smaller spaces, but in the good ole' US of A, we like more. Our homes, like our meals, seem to have become super sized over the past few decades. I have never personally been fond of this trend, because more square footage equals more cleaning.

Our house we sold before beginning this journey was quite large to me with five bedrooms and three bathrooms. We had five children when we bought it though. By the time we sold it, we were down to three children living at home with two on their way out the door in the next few years. It was extreme overkill to me to have a house that big.

I found we were there less and less over the past few years, due to our newly found freedom of the homeschooling life. I began to feel as if I were there only to serve the house when necessary. We'd be away, having fun and loving life, and I'd say to myself, ok...time to go "home" to take care of business. To clean it, repair it, tend to it and pay for it. We began to joke that we worked for the house, not the other way around. We knew it was no longer meeting our needs. I wish I had realized that I'd feel that way before spending two years of my life gutting and remodeling it, but that's life.

So, has it been difficult going from 3,000 square feet down to an RV? Surprisingly to me, nope, not at all. And it's not just that cleaning is soooooooo much easier, although that is in my top three list of things I love. It is that we have found we have all we want and need here. And that is enough.

Some shots of our house, since some of you have asked. The living room/dining room/kitchen looking down from the main bathroom.

At the end of this space are the kid's bedrooms. One through each door, with double bunks on the walls and a half bath in between.

There is a main bathroom and our bedroom also. I'd take a picture of our backyard but it's ever changing. Wait, I do take pictures of our backyard. That, after all, is what this blog is about.

My house now works for me and the rare times when I have to tend to it are so minimal that it is barely a thought in my mind. It's a wonderful thing for me to be out enjoying life with nothing on my to do list weighing on my mind. Not that I still don't have things to "do", I am just able to toss out the whole house list now.