Monday, September 1, 2008

Front Royal VA to New Holland PA

Today we traveled from VA to PA. It was a gorgeous drive as far as the scenery went, but the traffic was pretty intense. We had a way too near collision with a driver that shook us up quite a bit.

We made it safely to the Spring Gulch Resort and drove over to out assigned campsite. We saw immediately that it was not long enough. Parked in another, and went to the office to see if that was ok. It wasn't. They gave us a list of open sites, and it seemed only two of those would work for us. We set up. Actually, for the first time ever, I set up the sewer, water and electric! (I get a badge for this one!) We get inside and I turn on the air and....nothing. No air. I can't figure it out since it appears everything else is working. The more we fiddle with it, we realize that only one leg of the electric is working. So everything except the air and lights work. Great. The maintenance guy went home early so he can't help us until the morning. Even better.

We went out to dinner and ate at an Amish/Mennonite family style restaurant. We had the buffet and it was fabulous. So good that Auburn begged us to bring her back when she was super hungry so she could get her money's worth. LOL

It looks as if this area will be very interesting to us. I'm looking forward to exploring it.